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Why use beauty and spa products? Stress kills! And every doctor will tell you that. Natural spa beauty products can reduce stress!

Stress, among other things, stimulates the body (in the adrenal glands) to produce more cortisol, androgens, epinephrine and adrenaline.

Surplus cortisol is very bad news.

The stresses that have the worst impact on our lives tend to be related to death, divorce or personal injury.

Stress is also the result of not being able to deal with the multitude of issues and small life stresses on a daily basis.

Examples of situations where today we experience too much stress:

• Too much responsibility at work and pressure on the job to do more,
• Job instability, demotion, promotion and transfer to another location,
• Health issues or other serious physical illnesses,
• Job performance, losing your job,
• Very hectic job and schedule,
• Difficult sexual life with your partner,
• Poor self-image,
• Divorce, death of family member and remarriage,
• Victimization and abuse,
• Hostile relationship with your parents, partner or your children, etc.

We have become a culture that lives off its adrenal glands, and we often overuse them to the point that they are exhausted.

Too much cortisol and too much stress could give the following health issues:

Weight gain,
• Blood sugar imbalances,
Heartburn and digestive problems,
• Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses,
• Heart disease and high blood pressure,
• Tension headaches and migraines,
• Muscle wasting,
Sleep deprivation,
• PMS or premenstrual syndrome,
• Irregular periods,
• Allergies and asthma,
• Ulcers in the lower esophagus, stomach, or duodenum,
• Osteoporosis and bone loss,
• Memory loss and brain function problems

Cortisol reduces the amount of progesterone produced by the ovaries. If you are very stressed, your body will produce higher quantities of cortisol and your progesterone production gets reduced to almost zero, causing estrogen dominance in the body.

Excessive amounts of cortisol in the body inhibits the production of progesterone, causes high blood pressure, other heart related problems, diabetes, your immune system is less resistant and eliminates essential minerals and vitamins in the body. Relaxing in a hot tub can help reduce the problems caused by stress!

The worst news is that progesterone deficiency with excessive cortisol causes symptoms such as bone loss, memory loss and mood swings.

Preventing progesterone deficiency and cortisol/estrogen dominance can be accomplished by using natural progesterone supplementation. Read more on natural progesterone supplementation.

Natural progesterone has been formulated into a reliable, inexpensive, natural cream with no known side effects - it will balance your hormones and help keep you symptom FREE.

Once your hormones are balanced with natural progesterone, besides beauty and spa treatments, exercise should become part of your daily life. Exercise expels stress hormones (cortisol) from the bloodstream. This is the reason why after a stressful day, you should try to exercise!

Relaxation techniques can also be practiced. Repeating a phrase, sound, or word for 15 to 20 minutes twice daily while disregarding everyday thoughts, is a good idea.

To help restore tired adrenal glands, you should do the following:

• 1- Use natural progesterone cream to reduce hormone imbalance, improve stress, balance the side effects of unopposed estrogen in the body and decrease any health issues.

• 2- Exercise daily, say no to sedentary life, walk, go to the gym, don't use the elevator - use the stairs and stay active for better health.

Exercise daily is excellent to reduce stress, help you sleep better plus for your circulatory and lymph systems.

With physical activity, you will have stronger muscles and bones. Take up an activity that you truly enjoy, because the heavier you are the more estrogen you store in the fatty tissues.

• 3- Take a good multivitamin supplement daily to improve energy, reduce allergies, improve your immune system and counteract substances that cause oxidation in the body.

• 4- Take Omega-3 fatty acids with ubiquinol daily to improve mental illnesses, lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, signs of arthritis and reduce body inflammation.

• 5- Make sure you get plenty of sleep. A good night of sleep helps improve your mood, nervous system, your immune system and your memory. Without much sleep, you will expose yourself to several diseases like cancer, heart problems and diabetes.

• 6- Increase your consumption of cold-water fish and seafood which is important in our diet.

• 7- Buy organic meats, eggs and poultry (free of growth hormones, chemicals and pesticides).

• 8- Take some time to relax and enjoy yourself! Natural spa beauty products can help you do just that.

REDUCE STRESS - Do Something For Yourself!
Take a time-out, and let all those stress-building situations dissolve away in personal time-outs you create for yourself with natural spa beauty treatment. Relaxation is very healthy!

Natural spa beauty products are made without the use of petroleum-based chemicals that are harmful for you and for the environment. Check them out and enjoy! You deserve it!

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