What is the average age of menopause?
What age does menopause start?

What is the average age of menopause for most women? Average age for menopause is an issue that most women wonder about. You will be reading here about menopause age for menopause, what age does menopause start and menopause early age.

What age does menopause start? Natural menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 to 55, and it becomes official when you no longer have a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months.

A few years before the average age of menopause occurs, your periods may be normal for a few months and then stop for another few months.

You may experience periods that are more or less intense, and perhaps the duration and flow will start to vary. Most women go through premenopause and perimenopause stages before they reach menopause.

Pre menopause age or premenopause age - most women begin to experience some type of gradual slowdown of their reproductive cycle resulting in premenopause symptoms and health issues somewhere between their early 30's to their 40's.

At pre menopause age, you may begin to have symptoms like:

• Weight gain around the waist, stomach or hips,
• PMS,
• Facial hair growth,
• Hair thinning or hair loss,
• Headaches,
• Water retention,
• Lower sex drive,
• Fibroids
• Endometriosis,
• Depression,
• Irritability,
• Infertility...

Perimenopause age or peri menopause age can be defined as the time, perhaps a few years before menopause, where the hormonal changes and hormone imbalance are greater. At this stage, symptoms can be more uncomfortable and severe.

At this stage (perimenopause age), women may begin having:

• Light or heavy menstrual flow,
• Lumpy or tender breasts,
• Fibroid tumors,
• Endometriosis,
• Mood swings,
Anxiety symptoms,
• Depression,
• Water retention,
• Bloating,
• Weight gain,
Sleep problems , not sleeping enough,
• "Foggy, fuzzy" thinking,
• Inability to handle stress,
• Heavy PMS,
• Hot flashes,
• Night sweats,
• Vaginal dryness, to name a few symptoms.

According to author Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., women reach menopause age or average age for menopause in three different ways:

• Natural menopause age - takes more or less 20 to 30 years to occur, and most women that experience this change will end their menstrual periods between the ages of 45 and 55.

• Premature menopause age - occurs in woman that experience anorexia, bulimia, excessive athletic conditioning, malnourishment, autoimmune disease, obesity or some type of chronic stress.

• Artificial menopause age - takes place if you have experienced a hysterectomy, chemotherapy connected to the reproductive system or any other procedure that may disrupt the blood supply to your ovaries.

During average age of menopause, the body's production of estrogen goes down 40% or 60% and the production of progesterone goes down to zero.

To keep hormone levels balanced in your body is very important to your health and vitality.

Without that balance you will experience low energy levels, allergies, low sex drive, osteoporosis, depression and many other hormone imbalance symptoms.

Remember that "hormone imbalance" can be defined as the incorrect relationship of progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. This imbalance can definitely cause several unpleasant menopausal symptoms and unhealthy conditions.

At menopause age, you can experience the following list of symptoms:

• Increased body fat,
• Weight gain, salt and fluid retention,
• Depression, irritability, anxiety,
• Headaches, migraines,
• Low sex drive,
• Incontinence,
• Blood clotting,
• Heart disease, high blood pressure,
• Memory problems, forgetfulness,
Hot flashes, night sweats,
• Sleep disturbances, insomnia,
• Urinary tract infections,
• Breast cancer.

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Buy whole grains, organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Legumes and nuts are also great sources of healthy fiber. Avoid processed foods, canned foods and fast foods - they have a great deal of preservatives, food colorings and sweeteners!

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