Here's the latest research on anti aging nutritional supplements for anti aging health benefits in humans.

When looking for the latest research on anti aging nutritional supplements for anti aging, important considerations are - who did the research, what did the clinical trials show and how does that relate to human health and extending life.

There are some things which the experts agree on – that the aging process is affected by factors such as genetics and environmental pollution, along with lifestyle factors such as smoking, exercise and diet.

They also agree that aging is something which happens at the cellular level.

It has been known for decades that a substance found in red wine called resveratrol is helpful in combating the effects of aging, which is why doctors generally recommend a glass a day of red wine.

More than 2,400 studies have been performed on the effects of resveratrol at the time of this writing. These studies are available on the website (just put the term 'resveratrol' in the search box).

Resveratrol has been proven to support the health of the nervous system, skin and joints as well as the immune system. It also has been shown to be effective in preventing certain cancers in humans.

Providing the body with resveratrol supplementation on a regular basis helps fight the aging process. In laboratory studies,

• Resveratrol protects cells from DNA damage and helps to repair DNA

• Resveratrol activates the body's genetic regulators

• Resveratrol supports the production of cellular energy

How much resveratrol should be taken? The answer is about 100mg per day.

In other words, a 200mg supplementation at 50% resveratrol would provide 100mg of the nutrient. By the way, a glass of red wine will contain about 1mg of resveratrol.

Go here and read more about the anti aging nutritional supplements and resveratrol.

Scientists now know that resveratrol is a potent best anti aging nutritional supplement and its affect on human health and longevity is being better understood with each clinical trial.

You too can enjoy the health benefits of red wine without the negative health effects of alcohol!

Another of the best anti aging nutritional supplements is Omega 3 such as is found in fish oil. Numerous studies exists confirming the wide-ranging health benefits of Omega 3 consumed in ones diet and/or taken as a supplement.

However, with increasing pollution of the planet's ocean waters, one needs to be careful and not consume excessive tuna and swordfish, for example. And farmed salmon also contain unhealthy substances that require limiting their consumption as well.

Read more about another of the proven and effective anti aging nutritional supplements called Omega 3 fish oil and health benefits here.

And here's another of the best anti aging nutritional supplements for optimum health - the daily vitamin that should be taken. NOT a one-a-day multiple - a waste of time!

Instead, select the absolutely very best daily nutritional supplement you can find on the planet! And it must be reasonably priced. Men will need a different formulation than the one that's designed for women.

Read more about the very best vitamins for MEN and health benefits here.

Since it's difficult to eat the recommended 6-9 servings of vegetables and fruits every day, for example, getting the health-enhancing nutrients in a supplement is added insurance that the body receives the nutrients it will need to perform as desired.

Read more about the very best vitamins for WOMEN and health benefits here.

When you begin taking the best high-quality vitamin/mineral/nutritional supplement, you should be able to FEEL the increased energy that will come as your body is receiving the nutrients needed to do what it is designed to each and every day.

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