Which alcoholism physical symptom and alcoholism physical sign can indicate alcohol abuse?

An alcoholism physical symptom should be understood if you have a concern about drinking excessively either on your own account or for someone else.

Alcoholism is an addiction whereby the alcohol consumption is interfering one's physical and/or mental health, resulting in negative impacts on the person's relationships and responsibilities.

When excessive alcohol is consumed, various body organs are involved. If this consumption continues over time, one will become more at risk for experiencing adverse health conditions and/or illnesses.

Certain conditions and alcoholism physical symptoms may be indications that alcohol abuse exists and is affecting the health of the person.

Below are common health conditions, each with a related alcoholism physical symptom that can indicate that alcohol consumption may be a concern:

• Liver Inflammation - excessive drinking long-term can destroy liver cells. Yellowing of the skin or eyes is an abnormal symptom that is also associated with this condition.

The destruction of liver cells will result in the reduced capacity of the liver to create new cells, and this condition means that cirrhosis of the liver may happen, a very serious medical condition.

Cirrhosis of the Liver - signs of liver tissue scarring include being tired, nausea, loss of appetite and libido.

• Malnutrition - another alcoholism physical symptom is malnutrition. Many alcoholics reduce their food intake in order to have more alcohol in their system.

• High Blood Pressure - signs of high blood pressure are being dizzy, having headaches, blurred vision and feelings of nausea.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting ones alcohol consumption since excessive drinking raises the triglyceride levels which has been related to higher risk of strokes and heart attacks.

• Pancreaitis - chronic heavy drinking can lead to inflammation of the pancreas, a condition called pancreatitis. Symptoms of pancreaitis include abdominal pain and weight loss.

• Erectile Dysfunction - alcoholism disease can definitely impact how a man performs in the bedroom.

Heavy drinking leads to experiencing erection problems. And erectile dysfunction becomes more likely as the man ages - another alcoholism physical symptom.

• Insomnia - having problems with sleep and abusing alcohol are related. Deep and restful sleep is vital for good health. In fact, even after stopping drinking, sleep problems may continue for days or even weeks after.

Excessive drinking puts women more at risk for breast cancer if they are having synthetic hormone replacement therapy, according to the National Cancer Institute. And the US Department of Health and Human Services considers alcohol to be a cancer causing substance.

Important note - the conditions described above can have other causes besides alcoholism.

Self diagnosis is NOT advised since these conditions may be life-threatening. Health care professionals should be consulted for these situations.

If you are concerned about your drinking or are worried about some else and their drinking, please call your health care provider.

Recognize each alcoholism physical symptom and learn more about the alcoholism warning signs, the stages and proven resources available online that can help. Read more about other related aspects of alcoholism by selecting the appropriate links below.

It is never too late to begin recovery from alcoholism disease and alcohol addiction.

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