Here are authoritative alcoholism books to help with this serious addiction...

Alcoholism books - use the best of the books on alcoholism for yourself, a family member, co-worker or friend who has a problem with alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and for adults it is a legal drug. The problem arises when excessive drinking begins to take priority in a person's life.

Alcoholism is an illness where alcoholic beverage consumption is at a level that interferes with the person's health and negatively impacts social, family and/or work responsibilities.

Below are alcoholism books - several popular books on alcoholism that sell well for a reason - check them out!

Seven Weeks to Sobriety - Fight Alcoholism through Nutrition by Joan Mathews Larsen.

Inside this book, you will begin a productive journey that can literally change your life.

Much has been missing in the past approaches to alcoholic rehabilitation - in other words, you will learn how to break alcohol's addiction and end alcohol cravings.

Here is a proven, step-by-step, 7-week program successfully used by Dr. Joan Matthews Larson from the Minneapolis Health Recovery Center that can help you put your body and mind on the road to total recovery - one of the best alcoholism books.

Sober for Good - Solutions for Drinking Problems by author Anne Fletcher.

This resource tells the stories of when the persons began to drink, how much alcohol they drank and the effect it had on their lives, why stopping drinking was considered and what they tried.

What measures ultimately worked and their views on drinking and being sober now. Also included is information on the programs that are available and research studies that are relevant.

The author uses these phrases - drinking problems and alcohol problems - instead of traditional phrases such as alcoholic. Many of the people in the book became sober through AA, but the majority found alternative solutions.

Drinking - A Love Story by author Caroline Knapp.

This author started drinking in her teens and continued heavy drinking until she had to check herself into a rehabilitation facility at the age of 36.

During these two decades, she graduated with honors from Brown and had a successful journalist career with very few people knowing she had a drinking problem.

In this powerful resource, she recalls the years of denial that helped her rationalize her numerous blackouts, hangovers, relationships that were broken and the family problems that are so typical for someone with alcohol addiction.

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