Here you can find an alcohol abuse treatment center that's located near you.

Are you searching for a USA alcohol abuse treatment center that's located near you?

If recovery from alcohol becomes a priority in your life or the life of someone you care about, most persons prefer to seek an alcohol abuse treatment center that is located in their community.

The American Medical Association classifies alcohol dependency as a disease and if a person has become alcohol dependent, they are at risk for experiencing withdrawal symptoms if alcohol consumption is stopped suddenly.

The higher the alcohol consumption has been, means that it will be more likely the person will experience withdrawal symptoms when consuming alcohol ceases.

The symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal may be simply annoying like nausea or they may be more serious such as seizures and other symptoms that can be life-threatening.

When consuming alcohol stops, generally the symptoms of withdrawal can start in about 12 hours of the last alcohol consumption and can last for several days.

Monitoring by qualified medical professionals is essential during this time. This way, withdrawal is supervised and appropriate medications can be given to the person to help control the body's adjustment to the sudden lack of alcohol.

After the alcoholism detoxification period, there will likely be follow-up treatment to help ensure the person stays clean and sober.

How does one find a list online of licensed treatment centers? There's a free online directory of over 11,000 drug and alcohol abuse treatment center programs located throughout the USA.

Go here for the alcohol abuse treatment center facility locator.

As you will see, the 'Treatment Facility Locator' includes alcohol abuse treatment center programs that are residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment programs and hospital inpatient programs dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism for adolescents and adults.

New facilities are added monthly, and the complete database is updated annually. Your search will find the ten closest drug and alcohol abuse treatment center facilities within the number of miles that you specify from your city.

For information about each facility, just scroll down below the map that's shown on the page of your results.

You can even customize your search according to type of treatment that you're looking for and other facility services that are available.

Since each facility's address and telephone number is shown, if you have any questions about the alcohol abuse treatment center and its services or programs, you'll be able to contact the facility directly. Enjoy your search.

Alcoholism is a disease that can seriously affect a person's life and the lives of family, friends and co-workers. Helping the problem drinker recognize that he or her has a drinking problem is a crucial step in beginning successful alcohol abuse treatment.

Consider reading one of the authoritative alcohol addiction books...

Sober for Good - written by Anne Fletcher.

In this informative book you will read the personal accounts of when and how each person started drinking.

As consuming alcohol continued, the stories detail how their lives were affected and why they considered no longer drinking.

What measures did they use to try and stop, what worked and what did not work. AA worked for some of the people but others had success with alternative solutions.

In addition, each one gives their views on drinking and what staying sober means to them now.

Information on related treatment programs one can consider are included in this book. The author uses the terms drinking problems and alcohol problems, not the older term often used which is the term alcoholic.

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