Adult ADD Symptom - What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Adult ADD Especially Signs Related to Sleep?

Adult ADD symptom - what are the signs and symptoms of adult add? With so many experiencing symptoms of adult ADD, this health article addresses common symptoms related to sleep. One of the adult ADD symptoms includes difficulty in awakening in mornings and even more difficulty with going to sleep in evenings.

The important thing to remember is to let the brain relax and unwind before bedtime - stimulating activities that have your brain engaged and actively thinking will definitely interfere with normal falling to sleep.

This seems to be simple, no? NO! Not for people with an adult ADD symptom.

What are the signs and symptoms of adult ADD?

People suffering from the symptoms of adult ADD are frequently tired when it's daytime but wide awake and not able to go easily to sleep at nighttime.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD can affect adults just as frequently as it affects children. For some reason, an internal clock makes these people extremely tired during the day, but their minds are very active at night.

What happens is that this usually leads to sleepless nights, although days usually drag out. And during the daytime, these persons become more and more sluggish as the day progresses. This can, of course, affect how one performs at work, school and so on.

But if a solution does exist - relax the mind in the time before going to bed - then the question remains and that is - why does a problem still exist?

If a relaxing time can be spent before bedtime to slow down the mind, then why cannot this kind of person easily just do so and then drop right off to sleep and sleep like a baby?

Unfortunately, to relax and unwind isn't so easy because the common symptoms of adult ADD are these - hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

These characteristics cause the brain to be in an active state and when a task is focused on, these kind of people having ADD symptoms will really focus on the task and lose track of what time it is.

If any sort of solution exists, it is simply that people can learn to relax for some time before bedtime. This can be done in any number of ways, although the most effective way may be to read or do something that allows the body to relax.

Of course, if relaxing before bedtime was so simple, everyone would be doing it! Usually, some kind of schedule is necessary to be able to achieve this level of optimal relaxation.

Having a book ready to read at a certain time can really help your body wind down to that perfect level of relaxation. Electronics actually make us more active and awake, so it is not a good idea to watch a TV program or surf the internet before bedtime.

Consider creating a signal that tells your body that it now is the time to begin shutting down. For example, brush your teeth as the last function you will do for each day.

What will happen is this - a signal will be sent to the body and mind that there are no more activities to do today and the time to rest starts now.

When you develop a schedule, stick to it! People with an adult ADD symptom will perform very well with this kind of structure. Change the activities that will be planned each evening, but adhere to the basic plan.

If your body and mind become accustomed to slowing down in the evenings - you may enjoy the consequence of dealing successfully with an adult ADD symptom and that is you will be falling asleep naturally and much easier at nighttime! Pleasant dreams and enjoy!

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Magnificent Mind at Any Age - Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain's Maximum Potential - Adult ADD Symptom by Daniel Amen.

This book communicates a simple concept and that is you cannot have a healthy life without having a healthy brain.

The author also recommends taking a high-quality omega-3 fish oil supplement and a high quality multiple vitamin supplement.

His recommendations for a healthy diet, the health benefits of exercise and lifestyle strategies for optimum brain health are based on today's brain imaging technology.

Healing ADD - The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the 6 Types of ADD by Daniel Amen.

Using ADD case study data, the author describes both the symptoms and the biological strategies that should be used when ADD is present.

Covers diet issues, exercising, medications commonly used as well as psychological assistance - personal coaching, psychotherapy, social support such as parenting and school professionals assistance that can help in the healing of each type of ADD.

Using totally modern techniques, the author has categorized 6 distinct attention deficit disorder types and each one requires a different kind of treatment.

Which prescription drugs should be used, cognitive reprogramming therapy, strategies for parents and educators, bio-feedback, hypnosis and more is completely and simply explained when dealing with an adult ADD symptom.

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