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Hi! I'm Linda Rola. I have a son who's in his early twenties, I value my health and well-being like most of you. In my 30's, I had the usual stress, trying to juggle career and family with little time for myself.

Weight gain, mood swings, headaches and PMS were a regular part of my life. Got pregnant, but then I miscarried. I was losing the hair on my head and began gaining it on my FACE!

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy was out of the question for me. Too many of my friends had tried it. And the HRT side effects were as bad or worse than the symptoms that the HRT was supposed to treat!

Luckily, a friend kept telling me about her experience with natural progesterone supplementation. Once I understood how both ESTROGEN and PROGESTERONE are needed to maintain HORMONE BALANCE, I knew what was wrong with me.

My doctor didn't seem to know much about natural progesterone except he did know that it was pretty safe. After reading Dr. John Lee's book What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause, I couldn't wait to begin replacing the progesterone that my body wasn't making.

Once I started my natural progesterone supplementation, I noticed in a few weeks that I stopped losing my hair. My PMS and mood swings were eliminated within a month. And one year later, my facial hair was gone.

The past 2-3 years, I started experiencing some vaginal dryness which means my estrogen production has been fluctuating. Using the two "natural estrogen" products - Remifemin, the Emerita Estrogen Body Cream or black cohosh - solved this problem.

I have to say "THANK YOU" to Dr. Lee, Dr. Northrup and other physicians who are helping so many of us know how to stay energetic and free from those "menopause problems".

However, for now, use this site to help you understand how estrogen and progesterone should be working in your body. Understanding THAT can help you achieve hormonal balance and move you toward the wellness YOU DESERVE.

And for hormone replacement - use natural hormones, the same as your body makes, not the synthetic hormones with their risks and side effects.

I'd love to hear about your experience with our recommended vitamins, natural progesterone, natural estrogen, your regaining hormonal balance and how doing so has helped you achieve womens health and men's health and enjoy your life again.

Again, a very warm welcome to you!

Best Regards,

Linda Rola
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P.S. - This site exists to give you lots of information about natural hormones and how they work in a woman's body. You will find some related information about men as well. We've also added some links to high-quality suppliers so you can get involved in better health right away.

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