Abdominal hysterectomy recovery can take a few weeks after the procedure.

Try to enjoy the time off for a fast recovery time for an abdominal hysterectomy.

Are you experiencing abdominal hysterectomy recovery? Abdominal hysterectomy is frequently performed if organs other than the uterus are to be removed. Another possible reason for your surgeon to opt for the abdominal procedure is if you have large tumors or if your doctor suspects the presence of cancer.

Most hysterectomies involve detaching the uterus from all the ligaments that keep it in place and the blood vessels that supply it.

When the surgeon performs an abdominal hysterectomy, the most difficult element is to maintain the full-length of the vagina.

The surgeon has to carefully detach the vagina away from the cervix, to avoid making it smaller.

Women that experience reduced length of the vagina may have some pain during sexual intercourse. And this is not the result you want to have with your sex life.

In the past, when these abdominal hysterectomies were performed, the vagina was left open - this is considered not to be a good idea because it leaves women more susceptible to infections between the vagina and the abdominal cavity.

During an abdominal hysterectomy, the surgeon to reach the uterus, cuts through skin and connective tissue in your lower abdomen.

The surgeon uses one of two types of abdominal incisions for the hysterectomy surgery.

• A vertical incision starts in the middle of your abdomen and extends from just below your navel to just above your pubic bone.

This type of incision makes the operation easier for the surgeon, because the muscle fibers in the area run vertically, making it easy to pull tissue to one side with retractors.

• A horizontal bikini-line incision (Pfannenstiel's incision) lies about an inch above your pubic bone. The benefit of horizontal incision is that it will leave a less conspicuous scar. Both types of incisions heal well and neither is more or less painful than the other.

The advantage of an abdominal procedure is that your surgeon can see your uterus and other organs and has more room to operate than if the procedure is done vaginally.

With abdominal hysterectomy surgery procedure, your hospital stay will be longer, your recovery time will be lenghty and you'll have a visible scar on your abdomen.

You may experience greater discomfort and pain than with a vaginal procedure. Don't be afraid of asking questions to your doctor before and after the procedure.

Do not accept passively what is being done to your body, without understanding it.

The complications for this recovery time for an abdominal hysterectomy surgery can be:

• Fever,
• Infection,
• Postoperative bleeding,
• Injury to the ureter,
• Bladder injuries,
• Bowel injuries and
• Possible problems related to side effects from anesthesia and adhesions.

Most women will wake up with a drainage tube that was placed before the surgery and it is intended to keep the bladder empty - the faster the drainage tube is removed, the better off you are, because this drainage tube could cause bladder infections.

In most cases women experiencing abdominal hysterectomy will leave the hospital after 5 to 6 days and begin the recovery time after a hysterectomy.

After the abdominal hysterectomy, you may feel a little weak and sore for perhaps two or three weeks, but you should be completely recovered within 4 to 7 weeks - depending on your age, your overall health and assuming you have no major complications or infections.

Read more about preparations and what to do during your recovery after hysterectomy and abdominal hysterectomy recovery here.

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