How do I deal with hormone imbalance symptoms. Progesterone deficiency is the number one cause of having female hormone imbalance symptoms in most cases. During menopause, your ovaries stop ovulating, and the monthly production of natural progesterone ceases.

People with symptom of anxiety fear certain situations, places and people because they become very uncomfortable and anxious. These situations and persons may trigger panic attacks and conflicts... and in most cases these fears are illogical and unfounded.

Estrogen dominance symptoms! According to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Norman Shealy, experiencing estrogen dominance symptoms and estrogen dominance symptoms women simply means that you have too much estrogen in your system compared to the normal amounts of progesterone needed to oppose or balance it.

When depression hurts, simple tasks like food shopping, going to the bank or driving the car somewhere may become overwhelming and you may not have the energy to perform most responsibilities.

Alcohol abuse effects not only have consequences for the drinker but for those around her or him as well. Alcohol abuse effects can be immediate as well as long term effects of alcohol abuse.

Preventing osteoporosis is important for men and women! The best solutions for preventing osteoporosis are exercise, calcium supplements and natural progesterone supplementation.

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