Here are common 1st signs of pregnancy that indicate you're pregnant...

No matter how or when you discover you're pregnant, you might experience some of these 1st signs of pregnancy during your first month:

• 1- Missed Menstrual Period - this is probably the most well-known of the early signs of pregnancy. Missing a menstrual period often is the first indication of possible conception, although it can occur for other reasons as well.

A hormone imbalance, illness, stress or an adverse reaction to something in your body can also be responsible for a missed period.

This is why other symptoms must be considered in tandem with a missed menstrual period before the missed period can be viewed as one of the 1st signs of pregnancy.

• 2- Higher Body Temperature - it is normal for an ovulating woman's body temperature to rise slightly.

Body temperatures in the morning will stay higher than before ovulation until it is time for your menstrual period to begin.

If you temperature remains elevated beyond that time, it can be considered a sign of early pregnancy.

• 3- Morning Nausea, Morning Sickness - this is one of the most common 1st signs of pregnancy, but unless it continues for at least several days, morning sickness should not be thought of as having any reliability in indicating pregnancy. There are many reasons a woman can experience nausea in addition to being pregnant.

• 4- Enlarged and Tender Breasts - hormone changes begin in the body immediately following conception. Some hormones decrease, but levels of other hormones go up in pregnant women. It can take time for your body to become acclimated to the changes that occur due to these hormone fluctuations.

Noticeable changes in the size and tenderness of the breasts are one of these bodily changes.

These changes become less noticeable further into pregnancy because your body becomes acclimated to its new hormone balance.

• 5- Need to Urinate More Frequently - this is another very common 1st sign of pregnancy. This symptom is also due to changes in the hormones.

Some women feel this need to urinate more often even before their first missed menstrual period.

A hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is secreted by a pregnant woman's body when the embryo implants in the womb. Although frequent urination is one of the side effects of hCG, it could also be caused by some other condition, so pregnancy should be confirmed.

The easiest way to determine whether your frequent urination is due to being pregnant is by taking a home test. Later in the pregnancy, the weight of the uterus sitting on the bladder will cause more frequent urination.

• 6- Lack of Energy - many women experience a lack of energy during their pregnancy's first month.

It is difficult to attribute this fatigue to being a result of being pregnant as opposed to being caused by some other condition.

The lack of energy is caused by changing hormones, and it improves as your body adjusts to the new hormone levels.

• 7- A Distinct Feeling of Being Pregnant - this feeling might be the reason you are doing some investigations about the early signs of pregnancy. Some women claim to know precisely when they conceived and positive pregnancy tests confirm their feeling.

You might feel exhausted all the time, or you might be more moody. You might just feel somehow different than normal. If you're unable to trace this feeling to any other cause, it's at least possible that you're pregnant.

These are several of the most typical 1st signs of pregnancy. Some women might only have one or two of these signs, while other women will experience them all. If you think it is possible you have conceived, you should confirm it with a home pregnancy test.

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