You Can Beat Menopause Symptoms... NOW!

Menopause symptoms - are you tired of PMS, hot flashes, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, low sex drive and other symptoms? Want to get your life back and start ENJOYING IT AGAIN?

Dear Friend,

You may have certain symptoms and hormone imbalance and don't know it!

You may be in your 30's or 40's and don't even want to use the words menopause symptoms! Or you may have passed the change already. You can tell that something is not right.

In either case, here you will find out what's going on with your body and what may be affecting your health every day.

Many women don't know what the symptoms of menopause and premenopause are or what safe menopause solutions exist.

Oh sure - most know about hot flashes, hair loss, night sweats, the facial hair, the depression and lack of energy, the screaming and shouting during PMS, the weight gain and heart palpitations...

And does your doctor treat these menopause symptoms as related, or does he/she pat you on the head and say, "...take 2 aspirin and call me...."?

Does your doctor perform diagnostic tests and give you all the numbers - or does he/she say, "...everything is fine and normal... nothing to worry about..."? Bring back Marcus Welby!

If you accept those answers, you've given control of your health to the doctor - when "it" (...YOUR control over YOUR health) should remain YOURS at all times!

And to do so is to become one of the 1 of 4 women in this country with uterine fibroids - and THAT isn't good. Or - you can become one of the 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the United States every year!

Informed Self-Management is what this site is about. It's about YOU owning YOUR own health, your OWN treatment, your OWN plan of action.

Couldn't be simpler, right?

Many women with menopause symptoms go to doctors who prescribe, often incorrectly, some levels of synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), fibroid surgery, or removal of the uterus among other medical procedures! But it may not have to get to that point.

Of course, if cancer or a medical emergency is involved in a life-threatening situation, surgery may be needed. Otherwise, alternative treatments may be the most effective way, treatments that are used and recommended by highly qualified medical doctors.

Most menopause symptoms arise from factors that YOU control - or CAN control, if you choose to.

That's YOU... as in YOU. Not someone else. YOU. And ONLY YOU can take the actions that will provide you with relief.

Most women - and many doctors - are UNAWARE of the ENORMOUS significance played by the hormone progesterone in their bodies, as well as in men's, too! Harvard-trained Dr. John R. Lee has spent two decades following the premenopause and menopause symptoms and solutions in his women patients. Much of the information on this site is based on his observations and other physicians like Dr. Lee.

Pay attention to what these doctors have learned - they are true healers!

Progesterone "balances" the actions of estrogen. This is the way it is with most chemical agents in nature - the actions of one are balanced - or controlled - by the actions of another.

The fact is - you will likely have premenopause and menopause symptoms if you are deficient in progesterone, in other words, if you are hormone imbalanced. YOU REALLY CAN eliminate the onset of many of those unwanted menopause symptoms with natural progesterone supplementation.

Natural progesterone is safe, it has no side effects, it costs less than the majority of today's pharmaceuticals, and it can still be purchased without a prescription in the U.S.A.

Here's What YOU need to know - NOW!

1. Review the list of symptoms for menopause. You can assess YOUR OWN HEALTH and whether your complaints properly fit into the menopausal pattern. As things are, most women will have menopausal problems sooner or later if nothing is done. But they can be reduced or eliminated if you address them SOONER.

2. Next, examine Hormone Imbalance - Did you know that the healthy female body is supposed to produce several hundred times more progesterone than estrogen? What happens to you if it's not? The answer is related to ovulation, or lack of ovulation and the health consequences if you no longer are ovulating.

3. Then, understand the hormone progesterone - do you know what it is, what it does in the body, what happens to you if it's missing, what to do if it is missing and how to replace it?

4. The Three Musketeers - HRT Risks (Hormone Replacement Therapy), synthetic estrogen and progestin. Why did the National Institute of Health cut their study short with these drugs by 3 years? What happened to the women involved in the test? And - YES, YOU should know about it!


But you can begin to SOLVE this hormone imbalance problem NOW!

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